With ECOFIBER you’ll be able to protect your photovoltaic plant easily, effectively and even spearing your money!

Simple: You just need to connect your photovoltaic modules throughout an optical fiber that will act as a safety chain.

The standard optical fiber is made of plastic and has a diameter of 2,2 mm; it’s easy to assemble it with the connector, using the appropriate kit. Other particular equipment is not required.

A specific anti-rodent coating for the optical fiber is also available on demand.

HOW DOES IT WORK: assembling it throughout an eyelet.

It will allow you to restore the ripped fiber into the eyelet in case of attempted theft.
ECOFIBER can detect if the fiber gets bent!

HOW DOES IT WORK: assembling it in passer-by mode.

To steal the solar pan you’ll have to cut the fiber.
ECOFIBER can detect if the fiber’s interruption.

With ECOFIBER both the modalities are workable at the same time.

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