CEB, now in the market for more than 20 years, has been able to bring its experience, skill and professionalism, which it had acquired in the field of the technology for industrial automation and of the flexibility of the community service’s/civilian market, to the complex reality of renewable energy.

CEB srl has been working in Italy and Europe since 1986, creating hardware and software, fronting markets where reliability and innovation are strongly required. A team of electronic designers, who never forget not only to keep a watchful eye on new technologies but also the real, final consumer of what they are producing, is the key for having highly competitive and successful products.

In 2001 our company created a system for the automatic data collection in the industrial production process.

This experience, together with the skill of design and plan the interior of electronic badge cards, which are able to respond to particular specifications, has enabled CEB to offer new products and opportunities to the operators in the field of energy control.

2009 was when CEB had entered for the first time the reality of energy control of photovoltaic panels.

Our company has a motto/slogan that we always keep in mind when we face a new challenge: “Passion and innovation!”

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